Opera "Abay"

О произведении:

One of the outstanding achievements of musical art of Kazakhstan – the Opera "Abay", created by national composers A. Zhubanov and L. Hamidi.

Libretto by Mukhtar Auezov.

Worked on the new production of the Opera of the Kazakh-Italian creative team: Conductor - well-known Kazakh conductor, Honored worker of Kazakhstan and the great-grandson of the composer Akhmet Zhubanov - Alan Buribayev, Director - Giancarlo del Monaco (theatrical Manager, son of a famous Opera singer Mario del Monaco),

Filmmaker-consultant – people's artist of Kazakhstan, laureate of independent prize "Tarlan", holder of the order "Parasat" - Professor Yesmukhan Obaev. Artwork Opera performed by Italian masters, already known to the Metropolitan audience on such productions as "Sleeping beauty", "Swan lake", "Romeo and Juliet", "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai" – an outstanding contemporary set designer Ezio Frigerio and costume designer Franca Squarciapino.

Abay – an outstanding poet, educator, philosopher, became the spiritual teacher of the nation. At the Opera of A. Zhubanov and L. Khamidi reveals the depth of thoughts and experiences of this powerful multifaceted personality. " Abay is very important for Kazakh people. He served the constructive socio-political and cultural mission. He always looked to the future, thinking about the people and being with people..." – said Giancarlo del Monaco.

Part of the main performers:

Abay – Sundet Baygozhin, Honored worker of Kazakhstan;

Azhar — Aigul Niyazova, Honored worker of Kazakhstan;

Aydar – Meir Baynesh;

Zhirenshe — Yevgeniy Chainikov;

Azim – Ramzat Balakishiev;

Kokbay — Talgat Galeev;

Karlygash — Tatyana Vitsinskaya;

Syrttan — people's artist of Armenia Barsegh Tumanyan;

Narymbet — Erulan Kamel;

Mes — Nurlybek Kosparmakov.

The conductor – the Honored worker of Kazakhstan, principal conductor of the «Astana Operа» Alan Buribayev.

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