How to protect Ustyurt nature reserve?

The nature of Kazakhstan is beautiful in its own way. The majority of the territory consists of deserts.  The Mangistau Region has several preserved areas. One of the se is the Ustyurt nature reserve. Today we are going to talk about Ustyurt nature reserve.

Ustyurt nature reserve located in the south-east parts of Kazakhstan, in Zhanaozen, Mangistau region, created in1894.

A feature of the nature conservation are ais that it is located in a desert and desert zone on high ground. The purpose of its creation is to preserve the nature of the region and the bio diversity of the terrain and soils.

It seems nature was built there itself. For some reason, the elevated knives have steep, steep rock faces, cone-shaped scalpels, and multi-colored fortresses. The height of the rocks reaches 200 meters. In addition, it has gates, bivalve caves and platforms

Endemic of Ustyurt – may be mentioned as mouflon or uril) –is a mountain sheep. These animals protected in this reserve to prevent from disappearing on the desert land. Endemic in habits the nature reserves of Kokesem, gorges of Kenderli and Karamaya, and on the tops of Elshibek. There are about 2000 types of mouflons.

The reserve contains several animals and birds listed in the «Redbook» of Kazakhstan. These are: antelopes, saigas, mountain sheep, lynx etc. Birds such as: Golden eagle, owl, bustard George, snake and etc.

There are 8 rare endangered animals in the reserve: mountain sheep, antelopes, saigas, lynx, dog bear, variegated ferret and bats.

If we consider the animals world: there 30 species of mammals, about 20 species of reptiles, about 170 species of birds and amphibians, only 1 species lives.

There are around 500 species of flora.

Ustyurt nature reserve is the only reserve that occupies the lands of the West Kazakhstan region.

You should know that there couple of centuries ago used to be a sea on the site of the Ustyurt reserve. The bottom of the surrounded by water. As a result, skeletons of animals and objects that were used by primary people were found in this place.

The names of the land are presented depending on the name, colour, nature of the population living there, or the event that existed there. For example: Kokesem, Chakpaktymuryn, Onere, Kumshoku, Karamaya, Kyzylkum, Tasesem, Belesem, Ushkudyk, Kansu, Elshibek, Kyzylsai, Onere, Sarsorka, Akkudyk, Tasotkel, Tuiesinirli.

Ustyurt is one of the first geographical zones organized on the land of the great steppe. This is the seventh reserve opened in our country.

It is rich in archaeological monuments of the settlement. Historical monuments: the Baluaniayaz, cemetery of Kokesem, Tabanata etc.

Some information If you want visit Ustyurt nature reserve:

There are 2737 kilometers between capital of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan and Aktau. When you land Aktau, there 150 km should be passed to Zhanaozen. Then also about 150 km takes to Ustyurt nature reserve from Zhanaozen.

The duration of the trip by plane from the capital to Aktau takes 2 hours 45 minutes. The ticket price depends on the date of receipt.

The duration of the trip by train is 1 day, 21 hours and 15 minutes. Dueto the lack of a railway station in Aktau, trains in Mangistau.

There also other possibilities are considered to rich there area. Bus №105 and taxi run from Mangistau to Aktau. Special vehicles will travel from the city of Zhanaozen to the reserve.

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