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Kazakhstan is a Paradise for travelers and nature lovers. There are many interesting and beautiful places for our readers in our country. Let us introduce you some of them. For example, nature reserves.

The West-Altai reserve

This protected area is located 60 km from the Ridder city. There are lakes, mountains, rivers, and forests on its territory. Also, there might be found small glaciers that are located in the valley of the Belaya Uba river. The total square is 56,078 hectares.

There are such trees as poplar, birch, viburnum, mountain ash, cherry tree, thickets and other kinds of trees as well, in the reserve. There are also about 200 species of herbs. These herbs are the most significant such as cranberries, badan, mother-and-stepmother, blueberries, and golden root.

The animal world is also diverse, with about 50 species of mammals living here. As for birds, some species are included in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, such as the falcon, golden eagle, owl, and black stork.

The Markakol nature reserve

In the Eastern parts of the country, located another natural state reserve the Markakol reserve. Its flora is rich and diverse. Many useful plants grow here. Among them are medicinal, food, feed, technical, honey and essential oils.

The territory of the natural complex is a motherland to a huge number of different animals. There are 55 species of mammals and 20 species of rodents. According to other facts, one of the most common predators is the brown bear.

The Alakol reserve

The Alakol reserve established in 1998. Since its creation, the main task was to preserve the flora and fauna of the Alakol lake and the Tentek river. The total area of the natural complex is 65,218 hectares.

The vegetation of the reserve is diverse and represented by steppes, deciduous, Alpine meadows, coniferous and mixed forests. The flora consists of 270 species of plants. In addition, you might encounter foxes, roe deer, wolves, wild boars, and gazelles.

The Alakol district is a homeland of ornithologists. That is why region called the Kingdom of birds itself. The place represented by 118 breeding and 148 flying species. Different types of birds like a crane, bustard, partridge, black stork, and black-headed cackler, pink and curly Pelicans inhabit there.


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