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Almaty Nature Reserve is a specially protected unique nature reserve, which located in one of the most beautiful cities in the country, the southern capital of the country in Almaty. The date of creation – 1931.

Almaty is a beautiful city, which captured the hearts of many people. This place has witnessed many historical and cultural events. That is why the nature reserve was especially considered as a symbol of the beauty in Almaty.

What do we know about Almaty nature reserve?

Almaty nature reserve is located in the central part of the Ile-Alatau.

What does attract tourists? Wide leaves, spruce forests and a belt of Alpine pastures differ in ecological directions that run along the lakes.

Lakes of the nature reserve: Akkol, Bozkol.

There is a special museum of nature in the nature protection zone. The date of creation – 1967. Museum has approximately more than 300 exhibition performances.

The reserve forever covered with snow and ice.

The slopes of the nature reserve are rich in grasses and trees.

There is a sandy desert on the Ile-Alatau. Also, the well-known mountain «Akkum-Kalkan» localized on this reserve, which local people generally mention «The singer mountain» (back translation «Әнші тауы»).

The reserve is rich at animals’ world: there are about 200 species of animals, about 40 mammals, about 200 birds, about 10 species of reptiles and thousands of different insects as well.

The world of plants exceeds 1300 types. More than 100-year centenarian trees decorate the reserve and gives the perceptible mood for visitors.

The eagle, barbatus, and blue birds have listed in the «Red book», which saves the different breeds of fauna and flora.

«Chronicle of history». This name was used in diaries in order to record the dates, information, and the beauty of the reserve for several years. There are 9 volumes of book have been published.

A special website that provides any information about the reserve – http://www.almaty-zapovednik.kz/

How to go to Almaty nature reserve?

There are 1224 kilometers between Nur-Sultan and Almaty. Also, the distance between Almaty-Talgar and Enbekshikazakh districts about 30 kilometers, where the reserve is located. The Tulpar-Talgo train from capital to southern capital reaches in 14 hours. With regular trains, the middle of the two cities will be 22 hours. By plane, you can get among 1.5-2 hours. Buses and taxis will also leave daily. Have a nice trip!

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