Open Qazaqstan. Nature Reserves: Nauryzum


Open Qazaqstan. Nature Reserves: Nauryzum

There are several Nature State Reserves located in Kazakhstan. Our land tend to attract millions of people around the world by its unchangeable nature. In order to introduce our sightseeing’s to foreigners we started reporting about nature reserves in Kazakhstan. The next topic will be about the Nauryzum State Nature Reserve, which considerably stay constant for visitors.

Nauryzum State Nature Reserve is a second nature reserve, which established in our country. Located in Kostanay region, between Nauryzum and Auliekol districts.

There are 12 interesting facts about the reserve:

1. The main purpose of the creation is to preserve small lakes, such as Nauryzum and Turgay in the steppe.

2. There are 687 species of flora in the Nauryzum State Nature Reserve.

3. There are more than 40 mammals, about 250 birds, 3 amphibians and reptiles, and about 10 different species of fish in the Nauryzum State Nature Reserve.

4. The emblem of the reserve is the swan. An eagle also considered as a symbol of the reserve.

5. The beauty of the forest is – deer.

6. It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list at the 32nd Session of the UNESCO Committee on World Heritage in Canada, entitled «Saryarka – the Steppes and Lakes of Kazakhstan».

7. There are two nature reserves located in the steppes of Kazakhstan. One of them is the Nauryzum State Nature Reserve.

8. The reserve has been called the «Kazakh’s Hermitage» due to its beauty. It also has a feature, If humankind created the Hermitage by hand, the Nauryzum State Nature Reserve created by the nature as an art museum. In addition, «Museum of Nature» established here.

9. National coordinator of the World Wildlife Conservation’s (WWF) T.M Bragina took many beautiful pictures, while was traveling to reserve with his wife. Later, he wrote several interesting books about his trip by using some shots of photos. There are two works published «The most Important Wetlands of Northern Kazakhstan» and «The Fauna of the the Nauryzum State Nature Reserve» which described the lands of Great Steppe.

10. There are three hotels in the nature reserve. There is a one-day tour organized for tourists. The cost of this tour is 700 tenge per person. The reserve attracts not only local, also foreign tourists, too. Approximately thousands of tourists attend the nature reserve each year. Even working group of Austrian television has filmed a documentary about Kazakhstan. It should be noted that, Australian tourists found the real example of steppe in this area. Also over the last four years, the number of visitors has increased by 50%.

11. The reserve offers discounts for people with disabilities, school pupils and students as well.

12. More information about the Nauryzym State Nature Reserve can be found on official website https://naurzum.kz/

Would you like to travel to the Nauryzym State Nature Reserve?

There is no limits, If you are willing to travel to such an amazing place. The train goes from Kostanay to Nur-Sultan twice a week or you can just get to Kostanay from the area where you live. Then you will catch a bus to reach Karamendi village which located in Nauryzum district. The bus №101 everyday leaves from Kostanay to Auliekol district. The distance between Nur-Sultan and Kostanay is 694 km and the distance from the regional center to the reserve is about 230 km. Travelers are often visit in early spring, summer, or autumn. Tourists may choose the season by themselves. Although, our suggestion is visiting during the warm season.

Ecological directions of the reserve: «Bulak», «Nauryzum pine forest», «Circle area», «Nauryzum landscape», «Ostantsy», «Swan». Special guids considered to guide you through the eco routes. Travelling continues between for and twelve hours.

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