What do we know about the youngest and last reserve?

Today there are only about ten nature reserves in the country. Scientists are planning to organize fifteen more reserves on the territory of the republic in the future. As you know we gave some information about natura reserves in Kazakhstan every single week. Today we are completing the topics about nature reserves. So, what was the name of the youngest reserve on our land, If you found it interesting, just follow us.

Karatau State Nature reserveis the latest nature reserve on the territory of Kazakhstan. It is located in the central part of Karatau range in the territory of the Turkestan region, near the city of Kentau. Date of creation is 2004. Karatau nature reserve is located in a mountainous area. About 1700 species of flora grow in the Karatau reserve, more than 1,500 species of plants growing in the region, 9 percent of the plants (about 160) are endemic. These are following stem of Karatau, Karatau root of Karatau, (Karataumaraltamyry) etc. Because of growing only in Karatau area, these plantscome with name Karatau. Nature reserve has its own sightseeing «White poplar», which is quite popular around the world, which located on Berikkara tract on Bilikol lake.

Karatau State Nature reserveis a hometown of 60 species of birds and about 20 species of mammals. Rare animals, such as: golden eagle, falcon, black stork, serpentine, Indian Jair, Karatau mountain sheep, which is icluded in rare animals in Red book.

The most unusual and beautiful bird in Karatau is sparrow. This sparrow is known as «Zhumbaktorgai» among local people. The point, why it attracts people? Because, this bird flyes from Indian land and lays its nest only in Karatau region.

The reserve has preserved inscriptions and drawings on cultural monuments left from ancient times. Amazing sculptures gifted by the nature such as «Tuietas» (Stone of camel), «Hantagy» (Throne of king), «Kempirtas», (Stone of elderly wife). Biosphere reserve listed in UNESCO’s network.

What do we need to know in order to rich to Karatau Nature reserve?

The distance between the capital of Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan and Shymkent is 1505 km.Distance between Shymkent and Kentau is 260 kilometers. You can travel by train from the capital to the cultural capital of the CIS countries (Shymkent) in at least 23 hours. Also, If visitors prefer flying, they may arrive by plane. The duration of fly takes 1 hour 40 minutes by plane of SCAT, 1 hour 55 minutes by FlyArystan, 2 hours 5 minutes by Qazaq Air, 1 hour 45 minutes by Air astana. Buses will run daily from the Samal bus station in Shymkent to the village. Bus arrival time: 5.15 pm. The ticket costs around 700 tenge ($2).


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